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Setting the Course for 2024

Updated: Jan 22

Here's the story about why I have the word FAITH written in the front of my diary.

A few years ago I started noticing giving things up for New Year, was pretty difficult and it NEVER LASTED.

As a chronic, "Start Over On Monday" person I LOVED the idea of starting fresh in the new year.

Then I realized that I had "fallen off the wagon"....




I made a New Year's Resolution.

And more importantly, it was a struggle. I felt I was 'losing' something instead of gaining. It felt HARD.

So, it got me about I decide to TAKE UP something rather than give up? Move towards rather than away from something....

When I first heard about this nifty technique I am about to share with you, I smirked and thought, "Yeah right" because it seemed way too simple.

But! I have been converted as I have seen this neat little hack, transform my entire year. In fact, I have been using this technique to great effect the past few years.

Here's how it works...


Choose a word of the year.

Keep it simple.

My word for 2021 was FAITH.

To me, it meant having FAITH in what I could achieve. Having FAITH in who I am as a person. Trusting and having FAITH in everything happening for a reason and not getting caught up in the negative.

And, it served me well :D

My word for 2022 was BOLD.

And I WAS ☺️

I actively took action in situations where I naturally felt a sense of trepidation or fear.

Being BOLD, meant I had to step out of my comfort zone....In work, in relationships, in life.

And as a result I GREW as a person.

So, this year my word is CONSISTENCY.

This will be my guiding intention for the year, my POWER word :).

As I adopt an identity of someone who is Consistent.

My intention is to show up, keep my word and consistently grow as a person and in all areas of my life.

So, how about you join me and gain control of your life?

If you are ready to steer your ship in the direction of all of your goals here's how to do it :

3 steps to choosing your word of the year.

STEP 1: Think about that ridiculous New Year's Resolution you were about to make. Vividly imagine that it's December 31, 2023 and you completely NAILED IT! You accomplished the goal and you're reaping all the benefits of success. Let yourself dream really big here!

  • When you have your perfect result. Think about what achieving your goal GIVES you

  • Does it give you peace? Freedom? Joy? Relief? Health? Vitality? Focus? Peace?

Your answer to this question might just be your word of the year.

STEP 2: Close your eyes, sit up straight, and take a deep breath. Try on that word. Speak it out loud (unless someone is sitting next to you and they'll think you're crazy 😝).

  • How does that FEEL?

  • If you like it, keep it.

  • If it's not lighting you up, try on a different word.

  • Remember, keep it simple. Trust your intuition.

  • You ARE doing it right :)

STEP 3: Install your word. Again, this is easier than you think.

  • Close your eyes and let your body relax.

  • Say, "My word of the year is _____. Unconscious mind, please keep this word at the front of my mind in 2023."

  • (Repeat x 3) I am / have_____.

  • Bring to mind all the things you will have when you have your word.

See them.

Feel them.

Hear the words you say to yourself.

Example : PEACE - I will be relaxed and living in the moment.

I see myself doing things that bring me peace and joy.

I hear the words of people around me commenting on how relaxed I am.

I feel light and happy in myself.

I see my life being calmer,

more focused on the good,

letting go of the rest.

Simply visualize and believe it UNTIL you see it.

Trust your unconscious to make it happen.

Bonus points for writing your word down and sticking it up on your dressing mirror.

Writing in in the front of your diary.

Having it as your screensaver/phone background.

You may forget to consciously look at it......but your infinitely powerful unconscious mind will notice it every time you look in the mirror.

Every time you pick up your phone.

Every time you make an entry in your diary.

And, when you notice yourself thinking, "What was my word of the year?" that's your unconscious reminding you.

You'll be aware of all the times you've been more ____ in 2023 .

The more you practice all these strategies, the better you will become!

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