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STOP! Cancel Technique

Updated: Jan 22

  • Do you wish you had a tool that could RELEASE you from negative thinking?

  • Would you love to be able to SQUASH cravings and compulsive actions?

  • Are you ready to take back control of your thoughts and actions to create the PERFECT life for you?

I may just have the perfect piece of kit for your toolbag :) Read on........

Intervention Tool - STOP! Cancel Technique

Using the STOP! Cancel technique in your everyday life is very easy.

At first you will need to consciously commit to the process BUT after a while, it will become a natural way of thinking.

Firstly, Identify THAT voice that drives your negative thoughts, habits or compulsions and separate it from yourself (perhaps give it a name - mine is called Neggy Nora 😁)

The Steps to Freedom :

1) Now, every single time you have a negative, critical, unhelpful or irrational thought, a craving or you find excuses popping up in your mind.....simply repeat to yourself, “STOP!”. Say it out loud or internally (for extra oomph - put out your hand in a STOP sign).

2) Take a big breath in and LET IT GO. Dump that negative thought.

3) Now, replace that negative thought with a more helpful one. ie. "I am choosing to feel happier", "Moving my body feels good", "I am seeking out things to appreciate","I am doing by best and its good enough", "Every day in Every way, BETTER!"

Some Examples :

  • "What if ???? happens" STOP! - BREATHE - "I am safe, I am well, I am protected","I got this"

  • "This is not working for me" STOP! - BREATH - "I am doing my BEST, my best is good enough"

  • "I feel overwhelmed" - STOP! - BREATHE - "I am in control, all is well" / "I got this" / 'I am moving through this'

  • "I feel anxious/angry/frustrated" - STOP - BREATHE - "I am moving THROUGH this anxiety/anger/frustration" / "What can I do to move through this?" / What would make me feel better?"

  • "I'm useless at this" - STOP! - BREATHE - "Every day in every way, Better" / "I am doing my best and its good enough"/ "I do my best. Let go of the rest" / "What can I do to improve?"

  • "I need the chocolate / wine / smokes" STOP! - BREATHE - "My choices NOW lead me to my future size ??? me" / "I love being in control, my body thanks me for the healthy choices I am making", "Relaxed and FREE" / "I got this".

  • (Someone says something hurtful or mean) STOP! - BREATHE - "I am not letting that in"/ "Not my stuff. Bounce it back"

  • "Ugh, what was I thinking, I am so stupid" STOP! - BREATHE - "I am so happy I learned this lesson. I'll do better next time. I feel better already", / "now I KNOW better, I DO better".

  • "I can't believe this is happening! I feel so {negative emotion} - STOP! - BREATH - "It is what it is, NOT what it should be" / "This too shall pass" / "I ACCEPT what IS. Let go of what should be"

Tip: Make sure the alternative statement is :

  1. Stated in the positive and is geared towards WHAT YOU WANT, rather than what you don't want or say something in appreciation/gratitude.

  2. Truthful.

  3. Create a few ready-to-go statements that you can use for different situations.

Here are some more of my own personal favorites :

  • It is what it is. NOT what it 'should be'.

  • I do my best. Let go of the rest.

  • I deserve to feel good today.

  • I have my own back.

  • What broke my heart, opened my eyes.

  • This is teaching me something I need to know.

  • Today is going to be a good day.

  • I am enough just as I am.

  • I am moving through this (sadness/fear/overwhelm/anger etc)

  • What can I do RIGHT NOW to feel better?

  • I am figuring this out. What do I need to do next?

  • Every day, I’m getting a little stronger.

  • Bring it on.

  • What’s meant for me, won't pass me by.

  • I am stronger than I think.

  • I am allowed to be a work in progress.

  • This scares me and I’m doing it anyway.

  • My new chapter is just beginning.

  • The world needs my story.

  • I am growing every day.

  • I am focusing on what I can control.

  • This moment is temporary.

  • If I put in the work, it will happen.

  • This too shall pass.

  • When I want the weight to go. I simply reach for H2O

  • When I want the (weight/craving/desire) to go. I simply BREATH and let it go (followed by deep breath / 4-7-8 breath).

Negative thoughts and excuses serve NO PURPOSE but to keep you stuck in negative behaviors, patterns, and frames of mind. You must train your brain to realise that it is incorrect.

The mind CAN NOT hold two opposing thoughts at the same time. Firmly repeat STOP! then tell yourself something that is focused on WHAT YOU WANT. Even simply asking - "What do I need right now? What willl help me move forward, right now?"

This tells your brain that not only is the original thought incorrect, but that there is a new, more beneficial, and truthful belief that it needs to accept immediately. You haven't changed what's happening around you but rather than being stuck in the problem - you begin to move towards the solution.

Repeat this sequence as many times as you need, until you begin to feel the truth of the words. When you commit to this process and clean up your thoughts, you will see dramatic improvements in every area of your life.

The more you practice all these strategies, the better you will become!

To help you with the mood-changing, find out more here : .

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