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5 Reasons QUIT Smoking Hypnosis Works

Updated: Feb 26

1.Accessing the unconscious mind:

Hypnotherapy for smoking helps access the unconscious mind, which is responsible for driving many of our behaviors and habits, including smoking. By accessing the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation can help reprogram your thinking patterns and behaviors around that destructive habit, making it easier to quit.

2.Addressing underlying issues:

Smoking is often a symptom of underlying issues, such as stress, anxiety, boredom or depression. When you uit smoking through hypnosis, you identify, address and overcome these underlying issues. Which, in turn helps reduce the desire to smoke.

3.Eliminate cravings:

Hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes can reduce the intensity and frequency of cravings for nicotine, making it easier to quit smoking.

4.Building confidence:

Quitting smoking through willpower alone can be a challenging and daunting task. Hypnosis for smoking Dublin helps build confidence and self-esteem, which makes it easier to stay motivated and committed to quitting.

5.Providing relaxation and stress relief:

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking can induce a state of deep relaxation, which helps reduce stress and anxiety, two common triggers for smoking. By providing relaxation and stress relief, hypnosis for habits helps break the association between smoking and stress. You will find yourself relieving anxiety in healthier and more beneficial ways.

Frequently asked Questions :

Does smoking hypnotherapy work ?

Yes! You need to be ready to quit and open to the process and stop smoking hypnosis will work perfectly for you.

How easy is it to stop smoking with hypnotherapy ?

Very easy....once you follow the guidelines and use the very simple techniques shared in session.

Does QUIT smoking hypnotherapy Ireland work all the time ?

All our clients are subject to an intake process. This establishes you are ready and open to the change. If so, the hypnosis works.

There are a few medical contraindications to hypnosis...these are screened for on intake.

Where do I find Smoking hypnotherapy near me ?

Our 5* Online Programme is available as an online hypnotherapy programme worldwide and comes with a support guarantee. Hypnosis to quit smoking near me here to find out more.


⭐️ What our previous clients have to say ⭐️

✅ " Had a quit smoking session with Nicola in 2019. Never had hypnosis before, so I didn't know what to expect. Was actually dubious about being able to stop completely after one session as I had been smoking on & off for 22 years. BUT I DID! Not only was it easy (which I didnt expect) I didn't replace the cigs with anything else...whiich was my issue previously as I ate all around me and gained 2 stone before. I am now 3 months free of smoking and it actually feels like I never did smoke in a weird way! Best thing I ever did for myself and my kids x " - Caitriona B

✅ "Quit fags. Happy with outcome! 7 months no want. recommended." - John J

✅ "I went to Nicola in January 2020 after roughly 10 years of smoking. I was smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day. Immediately when I met Nicola I was at ease and in a very comfortable environment. I cannot explain how the hypnotherapy worked but the feeling after was amazing. I have not touched a cigarette since and it will be coming up to my one year anniversary of being cigarette free. Highly recommended." - Sarah M

✅ "Did quit smoking with Nicola 18 months ago and haven't touched it wanted a ciggerette since. Mindblowing as I smoked 20 a day for the best part of 23 years!"

✅ 'I had been smoking for about 22 years and although I have talked often and tried so many times to quit, I could never do it.

Quitting would last a few days at most but by the time the weekend came around I was using it as an excuse to smoke. If I had a drink, it was my biggest downfall.

Then I found Nicola and in just one session online, she has changed my life. I no longer think about smoking in the same way as I used to, I don't crave them, I don't want one when I have a drink - to me this is miraculous. I have been in my house (self isolating) for the last few days and I can honestly say having a cigarette has not even crossed my mind and it has not been that long since I became a non smoker. Nicola is so helpful and keeps in contact after the session, will answer any questions and she will give you the tools you need to succeed. 

I cannot thank her enough and I 100% recommend Nicola. I have rebooked Nicola for another hypnotherapy session to deal with a separate issue and I am already confident in the outcome' - Group session participant Jan 2021

✅ 'I signed up to a “stop smoking” session with Nicola in the New year, hoping to finally give up cigarettes (15-20 a day) - but in all honesty I was secretly believing it couldn’t be done. Its been almost a month now, and I can honestly say I have barely even thought about smoking since the session, and when I have it’s been brief. Every other time I tried to give up I would last hours and it would be a constant mental struggle. My biggest worry was how I would manage when having a drink, as for me a drink and a cigarette go hand in hand and it’s been absolutely fine! I don’t miss it at all! This is the best decisionI have ever made and I cannot thank Nicola enough.' - STOP smoking online group session Jan 2021


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