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5 Benefits of Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Updated: Jan 22

hypnosis for weight loss

1.Improved mindset:

Weight loss hypnosis helps you develop a more positive mindset about weightloss, food, and exercise. By changing negative thought patterns and beliefs about weight loss, hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you feel more motivated and confident about making healthy choices.

2.Reduced stress:

Hypnotherapy for weight loss induces a state of deep relaxation, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. Stress can often lead to emotional eating or other unhealthy behaviors, so reducing stress through hypnosis and utilising hypnotic techniques assist you in making healthier choices.

3.Increased self-control:

Hypnotherapy will help you increase your self-control and determination when it comes to food and exercise. By teaching you to focus on your goals and develop a sense of inner strength, hypnosis can help you release food addictions, cravings and compulsions, Quit Sugar and make healthier choices.

4.Enhanced visualization:

Hypnosis for weight release helps you visualize yourself at your desired weight, shape and size and imagine what it will feel like to achieve your weight loss goals. This will help you stay motivated and focused on your weight loss journey.

5.Long-term weight loss:

Weight loss hypnosis helps achieve long-term weight loss by helping you develop healthy habits and behaviors. By changing negative thought patterns and beliefs about food and exercise, hypnosis will help you make sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to lasting weight release.

As part of our weight loss hypnosis programme we employ a range of effective processes such as the Virtual Gastric Band (Hypnotic Gastric Band), Hypnosis for Fasting, NLP for Weight Release alongside Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for weight loss varies from person to person, and it should not be viewed as a "magic" solution for quick weight loss.

Hypnosis for weight loss is very much a collaboration and clients are required to follow guidelines in order to achieve success.

A balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are still important factors in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


Yes! Hypnosis for weightloss helps you tap into your deeper mind and reprogramme it for Weight Release.

Our sessions are available ONLINE Worldwide.

Contact us for more information on our Weight Loss Programme which includes Virtual Gastric Band, HypnoFasting, Emotional Eating Release and releasing food addictions.

Discover the power of weight loss hypnotherapy with our effective online program. Experience the benefits of hypnotic weight loss through personalized sessions, backed by positive reviews and success stories.

Find a convenient hypnosis for weight loss session near you and start your transformative journey today.


⭐️ What previous clients have to say ⭐️

✅ "2 stone 2lbs down in 2 months! I am beyond happy with my results. I have quit drinking fizzy drinks (8-10 cans a day), eating proper meals and loving vegetable for the first time in my life. I am actually in shock as to how much I have changed. Highly, highly recommend this service - not only has it changed my body but also my life. Thank you so much! - Sarah B (Gastric Band Session)

✅ "Attended for weight loss initially and ended up releasing baggage from the past that I hadn't even realized I was carrying around my entire life. I can not thank Nicola enough-not only have I lost(and still losing) the weight I have struggled with for so long."-Julie K

✅ "1 stone down in one month! Absolutely loving the resuts"-A F

✅ "Loved it! Changed all my eating habits, portion sizes etc. No snacking etc" A G

✅ "AMAZING! im sleeping better and feel great! I’m drinking more water and conscious when i eat to slow down and chew more." NC

✅ "22lbs down in 4 weeks! OMG....words can not express how grateful and happy I am after completing this program. Thank you so much Nicola! " J W

✅ "Nicola helped me stop binging on alcohol and junk food, my life has done a 360 since the sessions. I now no longer binge, I go to the gym and have started a new relationship. All things I had only dreamt of before. Thank you Nicola" John D

✅ "I have found the last 4 weeks AMAZING. It has given me the confidence, strength and power to give myself the time I need to look after myself for a change. I am sleeping so much better. I have lost 10lbs in total so far and it's making a positive difference to my arthritis and overall health." B N

FAQ & REVIEWS here : Weight Loss Hypnosis


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